Friday, January 16, 2009

Winnebago Warrior

Awhile back I received a message through my Flickr account regarding the above Winnebago Polaroid. The message was a request to use this photo in an upcoming documentary about Winnebagos. Being the big Winny fan that I am I cordially said of course. Little did I know about this documentary or what it was going to look like.
Anyway, I just received a message back confirming the use. The movie is going to be shown at SXSW Film festival in Austin, TX. I was told I would hear about other dates and showings in the near future. Kinda hyped.
I decided to do a little research to see what this movie was all about. Apparently its about this legendary Winnebago commercial salesman by the name of Jack Rebney aka "Winnebago Man" or "The Angriest Man Alive." A YouTube video surfaced of this guy and ended up winning a VH1 award. The video is below. Watch it in its entirety. Anyway, kind of funny the things that bump into you along the road. Enjoy.

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stephenmakesart said...

hahahahahah... that is funny stuff. Great post.

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