Thursday, January 21, 2010

6th and Shaver

Some polaroids from ago at the third Portland house I lived in. Sketchy lurkers, Gunfire, Barker across the street, Dramarama, Good friends, Lots of Skateboarding, Mysterious Nomadic Ian surviving on Colas, Coffee Cake, and Hot Shots. A Plant from outside growing on staircase inside, Rays garbage breath, Winston's battle to breathe, Girl Trouble, Billy Ray's, Used Mattress place $$$$$$$, Pimping, Wall Lurkers, Bloody Lady, Burritos ala la Seranita. Fun Visitors...... Buzzy feel like adding anything?

Welcome Mats


Sullivan, Kreuger, Revious

Apple Pucker, Ceiling Vacuumer


Kix Queen


Backyard Entertainer

Raymond will try and make your dreams come true.

Winston loves a good camera, while Raymond just exists.

Sexy Sausage Breath

Only one Bigshot allowed in the Kithchen

Ol' Tired-n-Breathless

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buzzy sullivan said...

Damn that dog had some rotten breath!!! How bout Winston's dick drippings on the couch.

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