Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buzzy n' Nelson

Some more shots developed in coffee here. Buzzy and I went on a tour of some of Oregon's finest skateparks yesterday, Molalla and Woodburn. Molalla being the finer of the two. Ultramegawarped and steep trannies probably planned and made by the parks mascot and ultra pro bowler Mr. Nelson. This kid had his sound effects down just like Larvelle Jones from Police Academy. Everyday Nelson goes bowling, shows up at the skatepark afterward and then indulges in a Meatball sub a Subway. This kid bowled a 234 yesterday (his personal record). Of course we were also entertained by Buzzy's rippingness as well.

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buzzy sullivan said...

DUDE THESE ARE SOOOO GOOD. Nelson is the shit!!!!

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