Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hosmer Lake, Crooked River

Gotta give the China posts a break, as well as my time spent plugged into this damn thing.  Anyway, I went on a 3 day solo journey into God's country in search of some famed landlocked Atlantic Salmon located at Hosmer Lake in the Three Sisters Wilderness (Central Oregon).  Rad journey full of actions, thoughts, and random conversations with strangers.  Hosmer is rad.  Its 8 to 10 ft deep at its deepest.  As you float over its silty and weedy bottom you can see the lunkers a lurkin.  Right when I first got there some old dude had been fighting a big brook trout for about 10 minutes.  A good sign.  No bait fisherman, land lurkers junkin up the joint, just flies and good practices.

Pound for pound some of the most pissed off and fighting fish.

Damsel Flies by the trillions.

Click on pick.  Find Hidden Bird.

South Sister and Broken Top

South Sister from Hosmer

Mt Bachelor from Hosmer

Prineville Reservoir

Western Yellow Bellied Racer

And though I feel partly sad that this happened, I had to capture a quick 5 seconds of me catching a duck on a fly rod.  My fly was just floating on top of the water and a duck swam by and ate it.  I fought the duck for what was probably just a minute or two, but felt like longer.  It flew, dove under water, and flailed madly.  I reeled it into my leader and bit it off about 3 feet from the ducks mouth.  While all of this was happening an osprey plunged into the water after a fish about 15 feet away from me.  Crazy moment of time.  Sometimes I wish you could rewind life just to re-capture moments like this.  Hope the duck is okay.

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