Thursday, June 2, 2011

CHINA April 30 - May 1 / Old Town Suzhou

Evening Selection

Fresh Cucumber Juice.

In old town Suzhou the streets are super narrow and packed with all kinds of different flavors and forms.  This image above and the three below are from a traffic jam I caused due to my western looks and pinhole camera.  I sat at a bench and decided to count for 30 seconds the number of people that walked by me.  When I got to 20 I was already over a hundred.  I decided to place my pinhole camera on the ground and capture the motion.  Soon curiosities surrounded me and my weird apparatus.  The crowd quickly backed up in both directions.  I became the #1 attraction on the street for about 5 minutes.  During that time I mimed how a pinhole camera works and snapped up some photos of my audience.  Most people in China don't have much of a personal space.  They will walk up to you and start reading and looking at whatever you are.  Great people with great personalities.

Book being sold on the street.

For Jesse.

Street Fortune Teller, tellin Kojo.

Future Food.

You bet.

Yes, You shall buy green jeans.

Maybe the best noodle soup shop a human can buy.

Lots of ways.

So thats what you call them.

Entrance to Old Town

Delicious meats on a stick.

Another look at the street I clogged up.



Kojo gotta shave.

Future Food

Two opponents, everyone plays.

Kids know.

I caught this gal snapping a photo of me so I waved and snapped one back.

Just below my hotel room.

Check the wigs.


Check the hanging meat.

Brothers and Sister

Dirty water vs. Dirty Feet

I walked pretty much most of these.

Before rush hour.

Recycling Center


Sipped on some Bi Lo Chun here.

A lot of China's cities used to have walls surrounding them.  This here is evidence of the one that used to surround Suzhou.

and here.

Got Brita?

Babes all around

Future Foods

Best breakfast evah.

No I did not get sick.

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