Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CHINA May 3 / Tongli

This guy randomly took much interest in us.  He was extra happy.


This happened while in China.  Most of the Chinese congratulated me on Bin Laden's death.  This made me feel weird, even with his stupid terroristic antics.  Killing in my book isn't really a congratulatory action.

View from my hotel room

The Chinese pile as many things, people and animals onto their scooters as they can.  This was an extremely light load.

Long Distance Bus Scene.

These waterways were woven all throughout Tongli.

Old mixed with new.

New Traditions

My Crew.

So salty good.

Hung with these folks for a bit.

They liked us.

Not the last you will see of him.

Sometimes a little too curious for some.


Hand carved table in a tea house.

Stage in the tea house

One of the best things about China.

Downstairs of tea house.

Yes.  They are all cute.

Yum doesn't = clean

Even the sun had a hard time breathing.

Too legit to quit.

Fishing Birds

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