Saturday, December 13, 2008

Creative behavior is something we all thrive on. Its what makes us frustrated, purposeful and joyful all at once. Everyone has this ability, some just use it more than others or in different ways. Unique creativeness is what sets us apart from everyone and everything else. It also is what brings friendship, cohesiveness, and turmoil amongst one another. We all have this creativeness to offer. I love finding certain unique creativeness that adheres to me and others. Certain people stand out to each of us in a way that tickles our own fancies. Daniel Higgs is one of these people for me. The sounds, pictures, and art this guy makes is so mysterious to me. He makes me feel like he knows something big that none of us know. I was fortunate enough to see him perform live at the Towne Lounge in Portland, Oregon awhile back. The performance that night was one that I will always remember. I could spend hours just watching YouTube videos of him playing music. I first heard of Daniel Higgs through his very prolific band Lungfish. Posted below are some Lungfish tracks that are not easy to come by. Three of the tracks are from a demo which absolutely rule. Another three tracks are off of an extremely hard to find 7" called 10 East. The remaining track is an out-take from their Necrophones album. Song 1 on the demo just might be my favorite Lungfish tune ever. Daniel Higgs does some solo stuff as well. I will be posting some of this as well in the near future. Enjoy a small movie called "Alchemist" by Mr. Higgs below. I'm not sure exactly what its about. Maybe its about that certain thing he knows that none of us do.

Tracks are here.

The Alchemist


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Larson bloggoing god!!!! For real best blog I seen all day.

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Muchos Gracias.

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