Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mixed Ape #1

Here is a mix tape for someone, anyone, me.

Track list
1.Marginal Man - Friend
2.Minor Threat - Stumped
3.Buzzcocks - Breakdown [Take 3]
4.Gray Matter - Retrospect
5.The Warmers - Poked it with a Stick
6.Gray Matter - Oscar's Eye
7.Lungfish - My Fool Heart
8.Treepeople - Planet Earth
9.Wire - Damaged Goods
10.Naked Raygun - Treason
11.Nomeansno - Now
12.Ramones- Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
13.Pavers - Thank You, Mr. Hollywood Fancypants
14.Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
15.Dinosaur Jr. - In a Jar
16.Egg Hunt - We All Fall Down


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buzzy said...

Yes we are blogerites!!!!

Dude you need to immediately upload those videos you made @ skate camp.


I tell everyone that you are the next Spielberg, but you need to let your works shine on the webs.

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